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Tourism and local government

AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops interactive multi-touch screen applications for the tourism sector and for local government. Innovative solutions to respond to visitors' enquiries, access detailed information, wayfinding, learn more about a museum, or to make administrative tasks easier!

Discover a new way of providing information and offering your services to users in public areas: maps, environmental data, transport timetables, events, accessibility information ... users can access all this and more, in reception areas of public buildings or right on the street. Build links between the city, its residents, visitors, and local businesses by offering a new way to find information and discover the city!

These multi-platform interactive applications can be deployed on any kind of device: big screen, touch screen wall, Microsoft® Surface® touch screen unit, etc., enabling you to deliver city information in real time (including RSS feeds). Several users can view, select and interact with text and image information on the device simultaneously. The 3-D environment offers optimal usability. Users can work simultaneously or independently, zoom in on particular items, rotate them, all with the simple touch of a finger! With AFTER-MOUSE.COM, you can make your city and tourist destinations more attractive, enable visitors to find information more easily, increase visitor numbers at your museums and other cultural facilities!

Discover our unrivalled multi-touch screen applications for use in tourist offices, museums, town halls, or just on the street!

Groundbreaking new features

Interactive encyclopedia

Encyclopédie interactive

The interactive encyclopedia is a user-friendly tool for presenting historic monuments and sites, tourist centers, museums and theme parks. Users can take virtual 3-D tours, browse descriptions, and view images and videos. Our applications are perfect for all users, whether children, students, teachers, or tourists, individuals or groups.

Online reservations

Users can make reservations directly on the touch screen, for any kind of event: teaching or tasting sessions, museum tickets, sporting activities and much more. Our online purchasing functionality allows credit card payments to be made directly from the touch screen device.

Documents to go

Transfert interactif

Brochures, descriptions, pictures, street maps and transport guides can be transferred straight from the touch screen device to a user's cell phone or USB key. So everyone can get around your city more easily and enjoy pictures of the places they visit.


Using geolocation to find places of interest on an interactive map is a simple way to plan a visit or find your way around a city. Users can also read the associated descriptions.


Trouver facilement son chemin

Help your visitors find their way from and to chosen points with a 3-D view of your entire site. They can find their destination using the geolocation function, and see the best route using the interactive map. Visitors can also read descriptive information about each building (practical information, pictures, videos).

Public transport information

A user-friendly way to browse real-time information about traffic in general or a particular mode of transport. The multi-touch and multi-user touch screen device can be used by several people simultaneously in an engaging, interactive way, with just a touch of the finger. Users can also transfer information directly to their cell phones, or send it by email. While they are waiting, users can also browse a range of information, such as a city maps, calendar of upcoming events, photos, videos, etc.

Local government information

This function enables users to consult general information on any of your departments or services. They can open any file relevant to a particular administrative procedure and transfer it with a single touch to a USB key or send it to their own email address. This application will help both your customers and your staff save precious time.

City planning and development

Visitors can have quick and easy self-service access to the property register, make an application or read about works in progress.

A wide range of other functionalities can be added upon request!